Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack Armor Location

Elden Ring Warmaster’s Shack Armor Location

Elden Ring is one of the most player-specific action-adventure games. This was once found only in games that were mainly RPG, but FromSoftware has for long been revolutionizing the way action-adventure games are seen.  

It has such a variety of classes and gears that each player’s journey in the game is inclined to be unique. The base classes alone provide you the option of being a mage, a knight, a warrior, an assassin, or even a nobody.

You’d have to entail gears and stat upgrades that strengthen the playstyle of your class. The vast world of Elden Ring has a variety of fierce armor and weaponry. There is a little something for each class. 

The best thing is that some of the game’s strongest armor and weaponry can also be accessed very early in the game. Warmaster’s Shack too can be accessed quite early in the game.

While it doesn’t house any armor, the encounters there do lead to quests that eventually reward you with the Raging Wolf armor, which has been the game’s poster boy since its earliest promo art. It additionally provides various Ashes of War (in exchange for Runes), and they are quite the game-changers too. 

Both of these upgrades require interacting with the NPC named Knight Bernahl, who’s found at Warmaster’s Shack. He serves as an Ash of War merchant and progresses a questline. After you meet him for the first time, he can also be used as an NPC summon in the battle against the Godskin Duo.

So, to acquire Ashes of War and the Raging Wolf armor, going to Warmaster’s Shack is essential.

Where to Find Warmaster’s Shack In Elden Ring?

Where to Find Warmaster’s Shack In Elden Ring

Warmaster’s Shack is found in Stormhill, which is located on the western side of Limgrave. The player can also get rest at the location’s Site of Grace, which helps time the encounter with Knight Bernahl properly. 

The timing matters because not only is he unavailable at night, but he’s also replaced by a boss fight against the Bell Bearing Hunter, who should only be fought for the sake of the Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing. 

To enter Warmaster’s Shack without any trouble, make your move only during the daytime, or rest at the Site of Grace till the daytime. To fight the Bell Bearing Hunter, however, you’ll have to do the opposite. 

What are Ashes of War in Elden Ring? 

What are Ashes of War in Elden Ring

Ashes of War in Elden Ring are special weapons that help players adapt their armament to their builds and playstyles.

They allow you to replace the affinities and weapon skills of your equipment with those available from the merchant, and that includes the lack of weapon skills altogether. 

Knight Bernahl offers a variety of strong Ashes of War, including War Cry, with which strong attacks change into charging attacks, and Storm Blade, with which a stormy blade wraps up your armament and allows you to attack with rapid succession. 

Using the Ashes of War utilizes even the most incompatible weapon to your build to your advantage.   

How Strong is the Raging Wolf Armor Set?

The Raging Wolf set is a medium-weight armor set. It’s beneficial for almost every kind of build due to its balanced stats. It provides the player with protection and varying resistance against all types of status declines and damages.

Like every armor set in Elden Ring, the Raging Wolf set comes with chest armor, gauntlets, helms, and leg armor. 

Collectively, the Raging Wolf set provides the highest resistance against Fire damage and the lowest resistance against Light damage. But on its own merits, the resistance is strong enough for the latter too. 

Acquiring it as soon as possible is ideal because you lose the chance of getting it all together after defeating Maliketh of Crumbling Farm Azula or Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. 

How and Where to Get the Raging Wolf Armor Set in Elden Ring?

How and Where to Get the Raging Wolf Armor Set in Elden Ring

To attain the Raging Wolf Armor set, you’ll have to play through the Volcano Manor questline. To begin the quest, you’ll have to join the faction of the Volcano Manor by communicating with Lady Tanith.

You’ll then have to obtain a letter from the manor’s drawing room, following which you’ll have several NPCs marked on the map to kill. 

You’ll have to kill Old Knight Istvan, who’s in Limgrave, and then you’ll get another letter from the manor, which orders the assassination of Rileigh the Idle, for which you’ll have to travel to the Atlus Plateau.   

As soon as you’re done killing these targets, talk to Knight Bernahl, who’ll now be sitting on a chair next to the club weapon in the manor’s drawing room. You will then be given the questline’s final task, which is to hunt down the Raging Wolf Vargram.

He’s located in the Royal Capital, Leyndell, and his exact location will be marked on the map. Upon finishing this quest, you’ll get your hands on the Raging Wolf armor set. 


So, while Warmaster’s Shack itself doesn’t house any armor, it does offer worthy Ashes of War in exchange for Runes and lets you interact with Knight Bernahl, who’s not only able to become an NPC summon for you, but also assists you through a questline that brings the one of the game’s most desired armor sets to your possession. 

We hope this guide was helpful enough to direct you towards the Raging Wolf armor set at the right time.

And before you close the tab, don’t shy away from checking out some of our other Elden Ring guides to improve your playthrough of the game.

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