How to Get Pokémon Soulstones (2022)

How to Get Pokémon Soulstones

There are a hundred Pokémon games out there ever since its first title, Pokémon Red, was released in 1996. Since then, the Japanese franchise became one of the most-loved franchises in history, and even those that didn’t play it have at least heard of it.

It’s a global phenomenon that has made other spinoffs and side titles possible such as Pokémon Snap, the anime television series Pokémon, the Pokémon trading card game, and the latest mobile game craze Pokémon GO.

Despite the growing number of Pokémon titles in the world, fans have branched out to create their own versions of existing games or something completely unique with full-blown lore.

Although the games are exciting, some fans wish older games had modern features or a new twist in their next replays. Thus, the world of Pokémon ROM modding and hacking was born thanks to fans who take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for Nintendo to release the game of their dreams.

One such fangame is called Pokémon Soulstones, which is completely free to play. If you’re curious about what this fangame is and how to get it, this guide tells you everything you need to know about Pokémon Soulstones!

What is Pokémon Soulstones?

A PokéCommunity member by the username Jos_Louis released an RPGXP fangame called Pokémon Soulstones in late 2020. If you have been following the PokéCommunity for quite a while, then you might be familiar with ROM modding and hacking.

This concept is similar to video game mods but is done on ROMs, with modifications ranging from base code revisions to adding new characters, locations, and features to the game.

What is Pokémon Soulstones

According to Jos_Louis’ forum post, Pokémon Soulstones began as a passion project during the start of the pandemic. He wanted to develop a version that had a different storyline and all the features he has always wanted in the game, and so he did!

He made the game using the Pokémon Essentials v17.2 in RPG Maker XP, a popular interface used to make your own RPG. For the artwork and audio, he simply used free software GIMP and Audacity.

As the project grew bigger and bigger, he decided to share it with the general public. Now, players all around the world can experience the world of Pokémon Soulstones.

Pokémon Soulstones Plot

As the story begins, you meet a Receiver named Agent Roberts. Receivers are “shepherds” that guide new field agents in different realities.

You’re an agent that has been sent back from 3564 CE to the 21st century but unfortunately lost your memories in the process. Suddenly, you have a different mom, live in a strange town, and are tasked with a mission! Your job is to hunt down powerful trainers known as the Soul Keepers, who hold the Soulstones.

Soulstones are special pendants with legendary powers and can summon Mythical Pokémon.

As you begin to adjust to your new world and carry out your search, you begin to realize that you’re stuck in a war between two prehistoric factions: one that wishes to wreak havoc on the world, and the other desperately trying to prevent this evil force from returning to the Epoch Region.

The fate of this world is in your hands and you must be brave enough to face those who try to take it down.

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Pokémon Soulstones features:

  • Finally with Fairy types and Mega Evolution, 175 Level Cap!
  • Includes Generations 1 – 7, with a world style similar to Gen 3 with mechanics and abilities up to Gen 7;
  • Estimated 25 hours of story gameplay + 10 hours post-game.
  • Day/Night cycle and Hidden Grottos added you can now view encounters on the map;
  • 1 region (the “Epoch – Present Day” Region) is available in the main story with 1 more region (“Epoch 3564”) unlocked after the story has finished;
  • Unlike the classic Pokémon gym battle and league challenge, this game is heavily story-driven and progresses as the story develops.
  • You can select Gen 1 – 7 starter Pokémons with each one having new abilities, some Epoch regional variants get increased stats that make them more competitive team members;
  • More than 200 custom-made regional variants of Pokémon, with a size of 1030 based on the National Pokédex. However, all Pokémon except Legendary, Mythical, and Ultra Beasts are not available. 
  • More than 65 custom-made Mega Pokemon as well as canon megas
  • More than 125 side quests that players can take to have a completely different experience in the game and explore other areas in the game. 
Pokémon Soulstones features

How to Get Pokémon Soulstones:

If you want to play Pokémon Soulstones, the fangame can be downloaded using these links: Part 1, Part 2. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the game:

  • After downloading the files, they should be in your Downloads folder.
  • Right-click on the file and select “Extract All.” Do this for Parts 1 and 2.
  • Once this is done, go to Part 2 and move the “Audio” folder into Part 1.
  • Go to the “Fonts” folder and select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A.
  • Right-click and pick “Install for all users”
  • When all the fonts are installed, change the name of the Part 1 folder to “Pokemon Soulstones.”
  • To start playing the game, click on “Game.”
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And there you have it, now you know what Pokémon Soulstones is all about and how you can install it. It’s relatively easy and the game is definitely worth playing as it offers plenty of new features that you don’t see in the original games.

Plus, the creator incorporated their own plot into this version, which is perfect for Pokémon fans who are looking for a fresh experience.

In the meantime, we have more useful Pokémon guides that you can check out down below.

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