How to Sell Consumables In FIFA 22

how to sell consumables in fifa 22

One of FIFA’s most alluring and awesome factors is the ability to trade and sell players and consumables.

That is a vital privilege that all FIFA players have enjoyed since buying great players for cash is someone’s style, or if you are forming a new team, you need to have money, so you sell your previous team members to make money.

What are consumables in FIFA 22?

Consumables are items that can be used by the entire Squad, including a Manager Card and a Player Card, in FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). When used with a Manager or Player card, these items enhance, add to, change, or boost a feature.

When a consumable card is applied to a Manager/Player or a Squad, it can be consumed and removed from your club.

But EA Sports seems to be making life hell for FIFA players by making the selling process way too complicated for players. I don’t know if they don’t realize that it will hurt their game in the long run or just because they want their games to look more complicated for publicity.

I was seriously shaken when the My Club menu was removed. It took me a while to learn easier ways to sell my consumables, so hopefully, this guide will be useful to you.

How to Sell Consumables FIFA22

You must go to the My Club area, which is still present in the game but is cleverly hidden away.

Select the Transfers menu option from the main Ultimate Team menu. Choose the Transfer List option in the middle to where the items you’ve listed for sale are located.

When you arrive, press L3 to display the Club Search menu. You could also just decide to add a card to the list of cards to transfer.

From there, select the consumables search option, press Triangle/Y to display a list of all available items, then press X/A to sell the item you want to get rid of.

Then you can choose List on Transfer Market, decide on a price, and list the items for sale.

Doing this allows you to quickly sell another item because the search will not be reset when you remove one.

This is an easy-to-do process that you will get the hang of once you start gaining more experience.

I still would like it if EA restores the simpler version of the game, which has a single access point, rather than this long process that makes everything except playing the game a bit tiresome.

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