Elden Ring: How to Increase Item Drop Rate (Best Item Drops)

Elden Ring: How to Increase Item Drop Rate (Best Item Drops)

Elden Ring is a game filled with hundreds of unique items that the player can obtain. Some of them can be found easily, some of them can be purchased from NPCs, and some of them drop once you defeat certain enemies.

Not all of these items are created equal and some of them are incredibly rare. Even if you kill bosses to get item drops, what they drop is not always the same thing. So, you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies with the purpose of farming in mind to get some of the rarer items in the game.

It can take a lot of time to get the best items in Elden Ring since their drop rate is low. Fortunately, you can increase the drop rate by doing certain things, which makes it a bit easier to get the rarest items in Elden Ring.

So, let’s not waste a second and get right into how to increase the item drop rate in Elden Ring. And we’ll be taking a look at the best item drops in Elden Ring that you need to keep an eye out for too!

How to increase item drop rate in Elden Ring

There are multiple ways in which you can increase the item drop rate in Elden Ring. The first one is to invest in your stats and the second one is to use specific consumables and items that will improve your drop rate.

1. Invest in Arcane

Elden Ring has a stat called the ‘Discovery’ attribute which cannot be directly upgraded but it’s responsible for the quality of your item drop rate.

elden ring arcane stats

You can upgrade your Discovery stat by leveling up Arcane. The higher your Arcane stat is, the better your Discovery stat becomes. This ultimately makes your drop rate better. There’s no limit to how much you can improve your drop rate in Elden Ring by leveling up Arcane, so hitting 99 is a great idea especially if your build benefits from the stat.

One piece of advice is that you should go for this method rather than the items/consumables/talismans if you are doing a second or third playthrough of Elden Ring. Because this means you might already have a headstart in your Arcane stats and eventually, hitting 99 will be an easier task compared to a fresh playthrough.

And, of course, starting with a class that has a few more points in Arcane compared to the rest helps too.

2. Get items that improve the drop rate in Elden Ring

There are many different items, consumables, and talismans that you can use in Elden Ring to have an improved item drop rate. Here’s a list of some of the best ones:

  • The Albinauric Mask – This item reduces your HP recovery in favor of +4 Discovery.
  • Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot – This item increases Discovery by 50 for 3 minutes once you consume it.
  • The Silver Scarab Talisman – This item increases Discovery by +75.
  • Silver Tear Mask Helm – This helmet increases Arcane, which in turn boosts Discovery by +8 (this applies to any item that boosts Arcane in general).
  • Marika’s Soreseal Talisman – This talisman increases Arcane by +5, which boosts discovery in turn as well by 5 points.

How you obtain these items depends on which item you’re looking for. Some can be bought, some can be crafted, and some can be found as loot.

These items are the best versions of their respective category. If you have a similar item, such as an Arcane boosting talisman or armor piece – it will still boost Discovery as well.

We personally recommend the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot as you can activate it and then deliver the finishing blow on bosses that have great item drops. A whopping 50 Discovery increase does wonders in terms of gaining better item drops.

Alternatively, the Silver Scarab Talisman does not have a timer and boosts your Discovery by 75% with no questions asked. And you can even find it without needing to craft anything by just heading over to a chest that can be found in the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.

So, it just comes down to how much effort you want to go through to obtain the Discovery-boosting items in the game. The harder you work, the better your item drop rate will become in Elden Ring.

The Best Item Drops in Elden Ring

Determining what the best item drops in Elden Ring can be attributed to rarity. Because otherwise, many of the strongest items in the game are not necessarily the rarest to come across.

So, rarity is the system through which the community determines the best drops. Some examples of the best item drops in Elden Ring include:

  • Noble’s Estoc
  • Magma Blade
  • Great Bubble Horn
  • Albinauric Bow
  • Gelmir Glintstone Staff
  • Celebrant’s Sickle
  • Octopus Head.

These are just a few examples as there are many other items in Elden Ring that are rare to find. An important thing to note here is that the game’s item drop rate can be a bit on the RNG side.

elden ring item drops

So, you might find an item in 3 hours of farming that took someone else 3 days. You never know what you get, so every time you find an incredibly rare item with ease – try to make the best of it as getting it a second time may not be so easy.

That’s all that you need to know about Elden Ring’s best item drops and how to increase item drop rates in the game. We hope that you found this guide useful and are already on your way to acquiring some of the rarest items in the game!

Keep in mind that item drops ultimately fall down to RNG, so you might still need to spend some time after improving your Discovery stat to gain certain items.

And on the other hand, you might have low Discovery but get an item that is otherwise hard to find.

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