Lost Ark Soft Caps 2022: Max Level Cap Stats

Lost Ark Soft Caps 2022

Any good MMOARPG needs different levels to give players a sense of progression, and Lost Ark is no exception to this rule.

At first, the game came with different soft and max level caps like any other. But this was eventually increased by updates throughout time, which added more to do for the players.

Player characters and the overall roster level caps in Lost Ark are different, and it really helps to know the difference between them.

So, what are the soft and max level cap stats in Lost Ark? Let’s find out!

Lost Ark Soft and Max Level Cap stats

First of all, let’s start with the character level caps in Lost Ark.

Within the beta, the maximum level cap for Lost Ark was 50. After the game was released to the broader public, the maximum level cap for Lost Ark characters is 60. You still start the endgame after reaching level 50, so that can be considered the soft cap of the game.

And then, the additional 10 levels give you more power and extra rewards.

For the average player, reaching level 60 can take up to 24 hours. But if you already reach this and start over with a new character, you might be able to reach it much faster thanks to your extra experience.

The second type of level cap in Lost Ark is the Roster level cap. Previously called the Expedition Level, the Roster level is an account-wide system that helps you share experience and rewards between different levels.

Lost Ark Soft Caps 2022

For example, any strength or vitality-based buffs that you apply to your character will get shared among your alts.

The max level cap for Roster level in Lost Ark is 250.

Of course, it takes a long time to reach this level and there are no soft caps that appear before this, so you will receive a lot of experience and will be rewarded for being a consistent and regular player.

That’s everything that you need to know about the levels in Lost Ark. It’s not a lot of information to learn, which is a great advantage because it means you can focus on leveling up instead!

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