NBA2K22 Best Playmaking Badges For 2022

NBA2K22 Best Playmaking Badges

Whether it’s real life or a video game, there are a lot of different factors that determine the strengths and weaknesses of an NBA player.

From things like ball movement and dribbling to things like passing and post moves – you have to make sure that your player is equipped with the best skills.

Playmaking Badges are an important part of NBA2K22 because they give your character unique skills that help them become top players. Some of them improve how quickly you can dribble, others change how quickly you can pass, and so on.

Of course, not all Playmaking Badges are created equal and some of them are far better than the rest. And it takes too long to try out all of them yourself to see which ones work out the best.

So, here’s our guide for the NBA2K22 Best Playmaking Badges, ranked in order of their usefulness!

Best Playmaking Badges in NBA2K22

A good Playmaking Badge in NBA2K22 is determined by how useful it is and how much of an advantage it gives the player over a lesser badge. With that in mind, let’s look at the best badges you can use in your formation.

1. Quick First Step

Quick First Step

Quick First Step was not that great in the beginning, but updates to the game have increased its usefulness over time. It provides more explosive first steps out of triple threat and size ups, which is a great perk to have if you know how to use it.

It’s especially useful for players who find dribble moves too demanding normally. With this buff, it becomes safer to use them and can even trick defenders. It may not sound as fancy as some of the other badges, but players underestimate how useful dribble combos can be if the player has enough energy for it.

2.  Floor General

Floor General

Floor General is, hands down, one of the best badges that you can get your hands on in NBA2K22. When you give this badge to a player, every time they are in the game, all teammates receive an offensive attribute bonus.

So, whether you are an aggressive player or not, the improved offense is always a great addition to have by your side. Keep in mind though, that this buff does not work on the player equipped with the badge – but everyone else will land hits that they’d normally fail to execute.

3. Handles for Days

Handles for Days

The Handles for Days badge reduces the amount of energy that is lost when performing dribble moves. This is very useful when you’re performing consecutive dribble moves because it helps the player chain them together in combos for longer than usual.

It’s a nice variation to Quick First Step and adds a different level of improvement to the dribble mechanic.

4. Bullet Passer

Bullet Passer

Bullet Passer improves your player’s ability to pass a ball with quick speed. When you’re surrounded by opposing players who are trying to block your shots, the ability to pass your ball quickly makes all the difference in the world as you can then hand it over to someone in a better position.

So, with the Bullet Passer badge, you are given the advantage of time and can make quick decisions that can save the entire game.

5. Dimer


The Dimer is a very popular badge because it boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots once they have successfully caught a pass.

Playing basketball is all about teamwork and it can’t be stressed how useful this badge is, especially in Online gameplay. See a player standing in the perfect position for a winning shot? Pass them the ball from a player with the Dimer badge and let the magic happen.

6. Tight Handles

Tight Handles

The Tight Handles badge improves your player’s ability to break down defenders. Whether it’s a human player or an AI one, this badge will help you force defenders down into leaving an open shot. 

How this works is that basically, your opponents are knocked back a little and it helps you out in gaining space between you and a shot whenever it’s needed. It’s a nice break from the usual badges that focus too much on buffing dribbling if nothing else.

The Best NBA2K22 Playmaking Badge Combinations

Of course, you don’t only have a single Playmaking Badge for your players. It’s always a combination, and some combinations work better than the rest.

Here are some of our recommendations based on the top 6 NBA2K22 Playmaking Badges that we have suggested:

Best Quick First Step combinations:

  • Tight Handles Badge (#6)
  • Stop & Go Badge (also works as an alternative)
  • Unpluckable Badge
  • Ankle Breaker Badge.

Best Floor General Combinations:

  • Dimer Badge (#5)
  • Lob City Passer Badge
  • Needle Threader Badge.

Best Handles for Days Badge:

  • Tight Handles Badge (#6)
  • Quick First Step Badge (#1)
  • Stop & Go Badge
  • Ankle Breaker Badge
  • Unpluckable Badge.

Best Bullet Passer Combinations:

  • Needle Threader Badge
  • Bail Out Badge
  • Break Starter Badge
  • Dimer Badge (#5).

Best Dimer combinations:

  • Needle Threader Badge
  • Breakstarter Badge
  • Floor General Badge (#2).

Best Tight Handles Combination:

  • Handles for Days Badge (#3)
  • Unpluckable Badge
  • Quick First Step Badge (#1)
  • Ankle Breaker Badge 
  • Stop & Go Badge.

With the best NBA2K22 Playmaking Badges combinations, you’ll be good to go with any build that you create.

That’s everything that you need to know about the best Playmaking Badges in NBA2K22. And with combinations that we’ve recommended, your build will be on the top of the food chain

. Make sure to max out your badges and keep in mind that the effectiveness can sometimes change with updates to the game, both for better and worse.

As always, remember that experimentation is key! A badge considered inferior by someone else might be exactly what your playstyle needs.

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