What Does Immunity Do in Elden Ring?

What Does Immunity Do in Elden Ring

One of the most frustrating things about fighting Malenia, Blade of Miquella is when she inflicts Scarlet Rot on you during her second phase.

You can try to dodge it, but nothing beats getting the right kind of protection so you can take more hits and make your attacks. If you don’t want to repeat the first phase with this boss, then you’ll need Immunity.

Most of your Elden Ring experience will revolve around leveling up and improving your stats. There are stats that work around improving your defenses, which include Focus, Robustness, and Immunity.

If you’ve played Souls games for quite a while, then you know that various enemies deal certain types of damage.

In order to take those enemies on in combat, it’s crucial to have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses so you know what stats you should work on.

If you want to conquer the Goddess of Rot, this guide tells you everything you need to know about Immunity in Elden Ring!

So, what does Immunity do in Elden Ring?

As previously mentioned, Immunity is a defense stat that gives you increased protection against Scarlet Rot. It also provides resistance against other types of Poison.

Scarlet Rot and Poison are status effects that inflict damage over a period of time-based on your HP. Unlike Poison, Scarlet Rot drains your health at a faster rate when the effects are triggered. 

This is where Immunity comes in. Immunity delays the buildup of Scarlet Rot and Poison, however, it doesn’t lessen the damage you take from the attack. This means that even if you have over 400 Immunity, you can still die from Scarlet Rot and Poison.

The point of Immunity is that it determines how long you can withstand rot by giving you a bigger bar. 

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How to increase Immunity In Elden Ring

Like any other defense stat, you can boost your Immunity using three different methods: increasing your attributes, wearing certain armor, talismans, and eating meat.

The primary attribute that gives you more Immunity is Vigor, which also improves Fire Resistance. You can get more Vigor by spending runes or wearing the Crimson Hood and Radagon’s Scarseal.

If you want to boost your Immunity using Vigor, you’ll need to reach level 31. The soft caps for Vigor are 40 and 60, and for Rune Level, the soft caps are 71, 111, and 161. 

Immunity per levelVigor

Besides adding points to your Vigor, you can equip and consume items that give you more Immunity.

Wearing armor is also another great way to boost your Immunity as you don’t need to farm and spend a lot of runes, plus, they give you a lot of points when worn. 

elden ring immunity

These are the best armor sets you can wear for Immunity:

Armor Immunity
Mushroom set243
Cleanrot set150
Veteran’s set150
Lionel’s set150
General Radahn set143
Malformed Dragon set135
Noble’s set110
Malenia’s set108
Royal Remains set84
White Witch set78

There are also shields that give you passive boosts to Immunity:

  • Sacred Spiralhorn Shield (+50 Immunity)
  • Perfumer’s Shield (+40 Immunity).

These are the talismans you can wear to increase Immunity:

  • Immunizing Horn Charm (+90/40 Immunity)
  • Mottled Necklace (+40/60 Immunity).

You can also eat these types of meat for a temporary Immunity boost:

Cured Immunizing Meat+75120 secs
White Cured Immunizing Meat+75120 secs (150) secs
Cured Dappled Meat+10060 secs (30 secs)
White Cured Dappled Meat+75120 secs (105 secs)


Alright, that’s all we can say about Immunity in Elden Ring.

The game doesn’t hold your hand and it won’t teach you how to fight enemies, you just have to eventually learn it on your own. Thankfully, there are many ways to go around obstacles.

Leveling up is one of them and it’s a long road to take, but that doesn’t make it less enjoyable. They’re great if you’re aiming for a specific kind of build and want to explore the Lands Between and the creatures that roam within.

For more guides on the world of Elden Ring, check out our site for more!

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