What Does Robustness Do in Elden Ring?

What Does Robustness Do in Elden Ring?

Enemies in Elden Ring deal with a variety of damage such as Poison, Scarlet Rot, Elemental Attacks, and many more.

When you’re up against bosses like the Glintstone Dragon Adula and Morgott, the Omen King, you’re going to need to increase your Robustness. Robustness just like Immunity is a defense stat that gives you protection against Hemorrhage and Frostbite.

Players of Elden Ring will encounter a lot of numbers that are crucial for both defense and offense. It’s essential to know the different kinds of stats and attributes in the game and what they do in order to survive in the Lands Between.

There are different ways to level up in Elden Ring, you can customize each stat to fit a certain build, completely max out every stat, or you can beat the game without leveling up at all.  Not only does it heighten your chance of killing a boss, but boosting each stat in the game affects your play style. 

If you want to know more about Robustness and how you can improve this stat, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about this defensive stat in Elden Ring.

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What Robustness does in Elden Ring?

Robustness gives your character protection against Hemorrhage and Frostbite effects.

When an enemy inflicts Blood Loss or Frostbite, the effects won’t kill you on the spot.

However, leaving them unattended makes combat difficult as it reduces your stamina recovery and slowly drains your HP, resulting in death.

How do I increase Robustness in Elden Ring?

How do I increase Robustness in Elden Ring

There are three ways to boost defensive stats in Elden Ring: increasing your attributes, wearing certain armor, talismans, and consuming meat.

The primary attribute that gives you more Robustness is Endurance, which is a stat that also improves your character’s Stamina and Equips Load.

The soft caps for this stat are 40 and 60. To calculate how much Robustness you get from your Endurance level, you can use these formulas.

Endurance LevelRobustness
1 – 3030: 0
31 – 4040: 30*((Lvl – 30) / 10)
41 – 60 60: 30 + 10*((Lvl – 40) / 20)
61 – 99 99: 40 + 10*((Lvl – 60) / 39)

You can also boost your Robustness by increasing your Rune Level.

These are the formulas that will help you calculate your Robustness based on Rune Level. The soft caps are 71, 111, and 161.

Rune LevelRobustness
1 – 7171: 75 + 30*((Lvl+79 – 1) / 149)
72 – 111 111: 105 + 40 ((Lvl+79 – 150) / 40)
112 – 161 145 + 15*((Lvl+79 – 190) / 50)
162 – 713 713: 160 + 20*((Lvl+79 – 240) / 552)

Which armor and equipment increase my Robustness?

Other than leveling up your attributes, you can wear these armor sets to increase your Robustness.

  • General Radahn Set
  • Lionel’s Set.

These are the talismans that increase your Robustness: 

  • Mottled Necklace
  • Stalwart Horn Charm. 

Consumables can also give you more Robustness for a limited amount of time:

  • Invigorating White Cured Meat
  • Invigorating Cured Meat.

The best way to achieve high Robustness in Elden Ring is by defeating General Radahn in Redmane Castle early on in the game.

Once you’ve killed General Radahn, you can go to Finger Reader Enia at Roundtable Hold and buy his Redmane Helm, Lion Armor, Gauntlet, and Greaves all for 36,000 Runes. 


That’s all we can say about Robustness in Elden Ring. Before you visit Leyndell, Royal Capital, we advise you to snag the items we mentioned earlier as this place is filled with enemies that inflict Blood Loss and Frostbite.

If you want to know more about defensive stats in Elden Ring, stay tuned for the next guides!

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